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Automatic Parking Barriers: Enhancing Traffic Management and Security in Bangladesh

Introduction: In the bustling streets of Bangladesh, where traffic congestion is a daily challenge, the need for efficient parking solutions has never been more pressing. Automatic parking barriers have emerged as a game-changer, offering a seamless approach to managing parking spaces, enhancing traffic flow, and improving security. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve deep into the world of automatic parking barriers, exploring their benefits, types, installation, maintenance, and the crucial role they play in addressing traffic challenges in Bangladesh.

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Benefits of Automatic Parking Barriers:

  • Efficiency: Automatic parking barriers in Bangladesh offer quick and hassle-free entry and exit, reducing traffic congestion.
  • Security: These barriers enhance the safety of parking areas by controlling unauthorized access.
  • Durability: Designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Bangladesh, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Remote Management: Many systems can be controlled remotely, allowing for convenient operation.
  • Affordability: Automatic parking barriers are available at various price points, making them accessible to a wide range of businesses.

Types of Automatic Parking Barriers: There are several types of automatic parking barriers available in the market. Understanding their differences can help you make an informed decision:

  1. Boom Barriers: These are the most common type and are often used in parking lots, residential complexes, and commercial establishments. They consist of a horizontal bar that can be raised or lowered to allow or restrict access.
  2. Sliding Gates: Sliding gates are ideal for spaces with limited vertical clearance. They operate by sliding horizontally to open or close access.
  3. Swing Gates: Swing gates are hinged at one side and swing open or closed like a door. They are suitable for areas with limited space.
  4. Retractable Bollards: Bollards are sturdy, vertical posts that can be lowered or raised to control access. They are commonly used to protect walkways and pedestrian areas.

Installation and Maintenance: The successful operation of an automatic parking barrier system hinges on proper installation and regular maintenance. It’s advisable to work with experienced professionals who understand local conditions and regulations in Bangladesh. Regular maintenance, including cleaning, lubrication, and testing, will ensure the system’s longevity.

Top Parking Boom Barrier Gate Price in Bangladesh

Parking Boom Barrier | Car Parking boom Barrier Gate Supplier in Bangladesh

vehicle boom barrier, also known as a Parking boom barrier gate, is part of the weighing industry and is generally applied in companies with weighbridges. Boom barriers are made of heavy-duty steel and are intended to be used indefinitely. The boom gate is often used to block access by vehicles or pedestrians via a controlled point in private and public business entrances, residential areas, toll highways, and sometimes in the construction area. Boom barriers come in various configurations, including manual and automatic boom barriers.

There are three types of car Parking boom barriersStraight arm barrierFolding boom barrier, and Fence barrier gate. The difference between these three types of equipment is in its use mode: Manual boom barrier gate or Automatic boom barrier gate. They also have the simplest to the most advanced features. Thus, the price of a boom gate is determined by its complex parts and accessories.

The boom gate is often used in the process of tracking and controlling traffic flow.

Why need Automatic Boom Barrier Gates?

Coming to the point of safety of people/premises which an automatic boom barrier gate surely ensures. Good thing with boom barrier is this could be first line of defense for the security, a security personnel can perform inspection for every vehicle. Usually places like areas with heavy traffic flow and it becomes difficult to manage the traffic manually. Prime offers seamless and easy parking management systemsarticulated boom barriers that reduce congestion/traffic, increase revenue and improve overall output of the parking program.

Major Benefits of Automatic Boom Barriers

Parking Boom barriers have become a necessity with the rapidly changing scenario. It enables controlling and regulating both vehicle and human traffic without physical intervention.

  • Minimal Human Intervention
  • Authorized Access
  • Durable and value for money
  • Minimal Space Requirements
  • Controlling the traffic flow
  • Power failures don’t impede the operations

So, all in all, these are the major benefits of automatic boom barriers. No matter which place they are installed at and no matter what purpose they are installed with. We hope this discussion proves helpful to all our readers and they can now make the final decision for boom barrier installation in an informed manner.

 Automatic Boom Barrier for various Industries:

 1. Commercial buildings

2. Shopping centers

3. Universities

4. Car parking lots

5. Hospitals

6. Residential buildings

7. Industrial sites

8. Hotels

Vehicle Boom Barrier Uses:

  • Usually, it is located at level crossings, drawbridges, parking areas, gates, and restricted area exits
  • Use folding boom barrier and fence gate barriers for high vertical clearances
  • Straight arm boom barrier is applied in building and premises with low vertical clearances
  • Utilize a folding boom barrier for stability and to prevent its boom from hitting the roof or ceiling of buildings and parking lots
  • When loading vehicles on the weighing platform, boom barriers are convenient and efficient

Parking Boom Barrier Features:

  • Customized boom barrier arm length: 2 to 6 meters
  • Boom arm direction: left, right, or unidirectional
  • Open and close time: customized or between 0.6 to 5 seconds.
  • Material: aluminum alloy and steel pole for durability and capability of withstanding powerful impact forces
  • Simple functionality to maintain safety and heavy traffic flow
  • Low maintenance cost due to its waterproof, automatic, and anti-crush features
  • Folding boom barrier and fence gate barriers: flexible and with horizontal coverage
  • Accessories: PE safety beams, loop detectors, reflective stickers, loop detectors, flashing safety lights, and radio control

Vehicle Boom Barrier Gate Uses:

  • Usually, it is located at level crossings, drawbridges, parking areas, gates, and restricted area exits
  • Use folding boom barrier and fence gate barriers for high vertical clearances
  • Straight arm barrier is applied in building and premises with low vertical clearances
  • Utilize a folding boom barrier for stability and to prevent its boom from hitting the roof or ceiling of buildings and parking lots
  • When loading vehicles on the weighing platform, boom barriers are convenient and efficient

Types of car boom barrier gate:

  • Straight Arm or Telescopic Boom Barrier
  • Folding parking Boom Barrier
  • Fence Boom Barrier Gate

What is RFID and long-range UHF boom barrier?

An RFID Boom Barrier or Wireless UHF Boom Barrier reader tag is installed on the boom barrier, which is placed at the entrance of the community. When a car is about to enter the community, the RFID tag on the vehicle is read by the reader tag on the boom barrier and the boom barrier opens, letting the vehicle in.

Best price of Car Parking Boom Barrier Gate in Bangladesh

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Car Parking Boom Barrier Gate Call : 01888 000 530
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What is the cost of Automatic boom barrier gate?

Automatic Boom Barrier gate best price in Bangladesh and price rage is approximately Best Price in Bangladesh For Price Call 01888 000 530 . Regarding pricing of weighing scales and accessories, our goal is to find cost-effective equipment with the best specifications, at the most affordable price, and with high-quality material.

Where to Buy Parking Boom Barrier Gate?

To find different types of boom barrier gates, like it is preferable to buy them directly from the quality supplier and importer for premium quality, customization, and affordable prices. Italy NICE is supplier, Installer and importer of boom barrier gate with best price in Bangladesh.
Prime  are the suppliers of all types of Automatic Boom Barrier Gates, Car Parking Barrier, Truck Parking Barrier, Road Barrier Gate, Boom Barriers Gates etc. The barrier gates are widely used in factory, shopping malls, banks, hospitals, showrooms, Government offices, banks, parking places, go-downs, warehouse, special parking need, schools, colleges and all types of institutions.

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