Automatic Security Crash Rated Rising Bollard In Bangladesh

Call For Price:  01888-000 530 , 01888-000 539
Automatic Security Crash Rated Rising Bollard in Bangladesh:

PRIME Automatic hydraulic rising bollards are very high security products, a kind of anti-crash security barrier. Automatic bollard Integrates hydraulic rams inside, compare to traditional rising bollard with hydraulic power unit, have easy installation, save budget, after-sales easy maintenance several advantages, connect with control system and main power can operate directly

PRIME automatic crash rated bollards passed China A and D rated crash tests, meet customer high security requirements. Standard bollard cylinder material is 304 stainless steel, assure corrosion and rust resistance. Cooperated with SGS company, our automatic bollards passed series of tests to guarantee bollard stable work ability, including continues 5000 lifting test, IP68 water proof and dust proof test, temperature test. According to different types, equipment rising time could range from 1s until 3 seconds. With emergency release system, power outage or other emergencies, can be artificially lower, release vehicles.

Automatic traffic control bollard is suitable for high-frequency, high-security vehicle access places. Applied to the parks, government organizations, airports, military bases, car parks and other areas.


Automatic Rising Bollard Features: 

  • Easy to install and low cost
  • No drive system on the ground, have a nice overall appearance
  • Can be fallen without electricity
  • No requirements about distance of bollard and driving system
  • Each bollard can individually operate




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