Automatic Smart Curtains System. Remote/ Voice Control Motorized Rolling / Sliding Curtains blinds Price in Bangladesh.

We will provide cheapest rate Remote control. We are manufacturer and A grade motorized Remote control Roller blinds  curtain and accessories importer company in Bangladesh. So our price rate will be lowest from market price.
We have different type Motors and design. You can choose from them. Rate may be change on type and quality in bd.

Motorized Remote-Control Roller Blinds

Do you have windows in your home, office, industry, or garage that are hard to reach? Try our child & pet safe Motorized Remote-Control Roller Blinds that can be controlled from anywhere in the room. These blinds can be opened, closed, and adjusted effortlessly with just a simple flip of the switch.

  1. Smart Automation:

    • Control your curtains with a touch of a button or voice commands.
    • Integration with smart home systems for seamless automation.
  2. Customizable Settings:

    • Set personalized schedules for opening and closing curtains.
    • Adjust curtains to specific positions for varying degrees of light and privacy.
  3. Energy Efficiency:

    • Optimize natural light to reduce reliance on artificial lighting.
    • Improve insulation by automatically adjusting curtains based on external conditions.
  4. Security and Privacy:

    • Enhance home security by simulating presence through automated curtain movements.
    • Enjoy privacy at your fingertips with precise control over curtain positions.
  5. Quiet and Smooth Operation:

    • Whisper-quiet motor technology for a peaceful and smooth experience.
    • Durable and reliable mechanics for long-lasting performance.

Installation and Compatibility:

  1. Easy Installation:
    • Effortless installation with minimal disruption to your home.
    • No need for extensive wiring – our system is designed for simplicity.
  2. Compatibility:
    • Compatible with various curtain types – sheer, blackout, and more.
    • Integration with popular smart home platforms such as Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit.


  1. Enhanced Comfort:
    • Enjoy the luxury of adjusting your curtains without leaving your seat.
    • Create the perfect ambiance for any occasion effortlessly.
  2. Time-Saving Convenience:
    • Eliminate the need to manually open and close curtains daily.
    • Schedule curtain movements to align with your daily routine.
  3. Improved Sleep Quality:
    • Create a blackout environment for restful sleep.
    • Gradual curtain adjustments for a gentle wake-up experience.
  4. Increased Property Value:
    • Modernize your home with cutting-edge automation features.
    • Appeal to tech-savvy buyers with added convenience.

How It Works: Illustrate the simple and intuitive process of controlling the automatic curtain system through a user-friendly interface or voice commands.

Customer Testimonials: Share positive experiences and testimonials from customers who have embraced the convenience and luxury of our Automatic Curtain System.

Explore the Future of Home Automation: Discover the possibilities of integrating automatic curtains with other smart home devices. Join the era of intelligent living.

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