Car Parking Management UHF Reader System

Car Parking Management System:

With the rapid development of the global economy and the consistently improving living standard, there has been a growing number of vehicles. for efficient vehicle management, there has been an increasing number of parking lots and vehicle management areas beginning to use License Plate Recognition (LPR) products and Ultra-high Frequency (UHF) products. The automatic license plate identification enables fast vehicle access to parking, which provides convenient user experience.


Automatic Vehicle Recognition (With UHF Reader and UHF Tag):

Its operation starts when a user with the passive tag drive through the UHF reader located at the entrance of the parking lot. The UHF reader will recognize the tag. The carpark barrier will lift up for access upon valid recognition. If not, access will be denied.

Automatic Number Plates Verification (With LPR Camera):

LPR technology is an application of computer video image recognition technology in license plate identification area. Its operation starts when the vehicle is located at the entrance of the parking lot, the LPR Camera will scan on the license plate character, and its recognition technology will identify the license plate number, color and other information. If the number on the license plate is valid, the car park barrier will lift for access, otherwise, no access will be allowed.

Parking management System


Types of Parking Barrier:

We offer a variety of manual and automatic Parking barriers to help maintain good control and monitoring of vehicle entry and exit. There are many options to choose from,

  • Swing Barrier
  • Max Height Barrier
  • Security Bollards
  • Rail Protection Barriers
  • Car Bars
  • Fixed Hoop Barriers
  • Rising Arm Barrier
  • Automated Bollards
  • Road Blockers

Best Parking Barriers in BD:

We offer Parking Barriers at the lowest price in Bangladesh. We have an expert technical team to provide and install Parking Barriers. Different shapes of premium Parking barriers are available to choose from. For example,

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