Dorma Automatic Sensor Swing Glass Door- ED200

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Dorma Automatic Sensor Swing Glass Door- ED200 Operator:

As a powerful automatic electro hydraulic swing door operator, the DORMA ED 200 is suitable for both standard and for large and heavy doors. It can be adapted to a wide range of applications and mounting requirements and offers numerous adjustable features. This door can use by Sensor & Access control system for office, home, industry.

DORMA Automatic Sensor Swing Glass Door- ED200 is very reliable device for any important place, It saves space than sliding door.

Dorma Automatic Sensor Swing Glass Door- ED200 Features:

Permanent-open function:
When the permanent-open function is activated, the door is held open by a solenoid valve in a way which ensures stability as well as operational silence.
Suitable for fire and smoke check doors:
The DORMA ED 200 – available from EN 4-6 up to size EN 7 – is also suitable for fire and smoke check doors, even with its permanent-open function and numerous control . Double-leaf doors may also be equipped with an integrated door coordinator (ED 200 ESR) which is concealed behind the cover.
Features and benefits:
One version for both door directions (left-handed/right-handed) and mounting positions (hinge [pull] side/opposite hinge [push] side).
Quick and easy mounting thanks to two auxiliary screws and plug connected cabling.
Reliable function even in the case of heavy-use doors and entrances exposed to inclement weather conditions.
Optimum adaptability to individual requirements – e.g. in hospitals, homes for the elderly, facilities for the disabled, restaurants, security areas and laboratories.
Suitable for connection of tested infrared safety sensors.