Full Height Turnstile Security Gate Barrier

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Full Height Turnstile Security Gate Barrier:

Automatic Full Height Turnstile Gates are used to make total secure but without any human. There are many turnstile gates are available some are half high, some low height but no gives full security to resist any unauthorized entry. Full Height Turnstile Security Gate Barrier is the one who allows only authorized person to enter and more over only one person can enter with one car permission. So it also resist double entry. It is made of Stainless Steel material so it is very hard to break and it is safe for long time use also without rust.

Full Height Turnstile Security Gate Barrier:

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Key Features:

  • Stability of Full Height Turnstile: Full Height Turnstile system is very stable, free-noise and no mechanical friction.
  • Low Maintenance Barrier GateThe Electronic Turnstile system runs by DC brush less motor & it is runs very well long time without any big maintenance. Self-checking function ensuring smooth operation of Barrier Gate.
  • Two Way Direction: Full Height Turnstile Security Gate Barrier works in two direction, one side call Entry way, another side call Exit way. People can use any one way at a time.
  • User Interface: Our Automatic Security Turnstiles Gate & Automatic Access Control Gates has International standard interface available for access control devices. User can use Finger Print, RFID Reader or Both.
  • Counter: Barrier Gate have LED personal counters (Optional) to count how many people passes through the gate.
  • LED indicators: LED indicators showing passenger access status.
  • Single Direction Way: Advanced program ensuring legal access, when one side gets the access signal, the opposite side access is forbidden.
  • Self-locking mechanism: when passing time relapse, automatic turnstile gate will lock automatically.
  • Memory: Access passing memory available.
  • Connectivity: RS485 interface to control the turnstile with PC.
  • Access direction: single or double direction(optional)
  • Self-resetting function: the system will cancel the people passing right when reading the card but not passing, the time can be set.
  • Protect from Illegal Passing: Prohibiting opposite direction passing
  • Operation after Power Failure: Automatic function of opening or closing when power off
  • Direction indicator: Direction indicator function, showing passing or prohibiting for the people
  • Control board: Control board with counting function, LED digital display function(optional), memory function, can meet the groups pass through
  • Manual Operation of Full Height Turnstile: If any power failure occur, the system can run by hand manually, So it is safe.
  • Construction of a automatic turnstile gate: Access gate mechanic consist by two parts: Frame and Core. Signal reading device would be install on the frame; main parts of core include motor, main board, shift of the controller, fix poles, turnstile supporting, turnstile, protection cover, fence etc.
  • How to Install Automatic Security Turnstiles GateThe System comes in ready-made condition in separate parts. We deliver them and install them as instruction on a required surface.