PIR Light Motion Sensor 360 Degree


About this item

  • * This motion sensor can be used to control electrical devices such as LED lights, bulbs, exhaust fans, twilight switch, infrared switch, motion detector, passage detector, recessed spotlight, ceiling light, solar lights, outdoor light, outdoor lamp, wall light, outdoor lamp, twilight, movement, floodlight, outdoor, light, alarm, IR etc. It is very convenient to use and save energy. Allows you to adjust detection distance, ambient light and delay time
  • * PIR motion sensor indicator switch that automatically turns on when human activity or heat source motion is detected. When the person leaves, the high-sensitivity sensor motion-sensing light switch will automatically turn off, providing you with a more convenient and greener life experience
  • * 3 adjustable onboard knobs,(1) Off Time , (2)Light Sensitivity, (3) Motion sensitivity Mercury Free, Toxic heavy metal free, Environment Friendly
  • * The ambient light can be adjusted according to your wishes: when you set to sun(max), it works day and night, when you set it to moon (min), it only works in ambient light less than 10LUX
  • * High sensitivity 360-degree PIR light motion sensor switch with a maximum detection distance of 12 meters. The infrared motion sensor is made of high-quality plastic, which is not easy to age, durable and long lasting. The appearance is exquisite, the sensitivity is high and the performance is stable
  • * You can adjust the delay time and working time according to your needs, the delay time can be adjusted from 5 seconds to 480 seconds (TIME knob), and the working time can be adjusted to work at night or day and night

PIR Light Motion Sensor 360 Degree:


PIR Ceiling Sensor Motion


A surface mounted sensor sits on top of a flat surface like the flat part of a ceiling and protrudes away from the surface. Surface mounted sensors that are specifically mounted to the ceiling are also called ceiling mounted fixtures. Easy installation, no need for large cut outs. One benefit to this kind of sensor fixture is that the sensor itself is further downwards and picks up motion more accurately.



Motion Sensor indoor corridoor

PIR Sensor surface mounted ceiling


Switch on automatically when someone enters the room surface mount PIR motion occupancy sensor switch with complete 360 degree detection angle. Installing Height 2.2m -4m.


Occupancy sensors reflect the latest development in interior lighting technology and provide close to zero energy wastage in terms of lights being on unnecessarily with ability to adjust the timing 2-7 minutes and adjust the level of ambient light intensity at which the device operates.

Neat Design

White finish, circular shaped and not to large, this sensor is ideal for keeping its visibility minimal. Blends in with white ceilings to do the job it is required too. Can be used at home or commercially.