Automatic Flap Turnstile Barrier

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Automatic Flap Turnstile Barrier:

MAG Malaysia retractable pedestrian flap barrier turnstile gate system offers premium impression for building pedestrian access control gate. Flap barrier allows a wider opening to allow users with big baggage to pass through. MAG flap turnstile barrier gate can be integrated with RFID card reader or the biometric fingerprint reader for maximum efficient pedestrian access control speed gate. MAG flap barrier gate offer affordable price pedestrian gate solution with good spare parts and warranty support.

Functional characteristics:

  1. With zero self test function, to facilitate the maintenance and use of users;
  2. Illegal entry with alarm function;
  3. Erosion prevention function, in the absence of the received gate signal, the telescopic baffle (ARM) automatic lock;
  4. Infrared / mechanical double pinch function, the telescopic baffle (ARM) resistance reduction process, within the prescribed period of time the motor stop working automatically, and the intensity is very small, and send out alarm signals;
  5. With automatic reset function, after reading the effective card, if the system is not in the passage of time, the system will automatically cancel the pedestrian access;
  6. Unified standard external electrical interface, can be connected with a variety of card reader, and through the management of computer remote control and management;
  7. The whole system runs smoothly, the noise is small;
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