Automatic Collapsible / Retractable Gate

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Automatic Collapsible / Retractable Gate:

  • Prime Automation directly import and manufacture in our workshop best quality Collapsible or Retractable gate, With motor or without motor both type gate is available.
  • We offer any size and design of gate. We have some imported gate in stock to deliver immediately after order.
  • Material: Stainless Steel-304 Grade and Aluminum,
  • Anti Rust: Electric Retractable Gate is made by high grade SS or Aluminum. As a result there is no chance to rust.
  • Motorized Control: In many cases, the gate is long. The heavy motor is used to open and close this gate.
  • Remote Controlled: This Automatic motor controlled gate is easily controlled by remote control. As a result there is no disturbance to use it. If you wish you can use it manually also.
  • Operation Mood: This type of gate works with 2 system. One is motor operation and other is manual operation.
  • IR Protection Sensor: There is infrared sensor for safety. As a result there is no chance to accident Insha Allah.
  • Warranty: We give 1 year warranty for this gate. Moreover if any kind of maintenance needed then we also help.


Automatic Collapsible / Retractable Gate in Bangladesh:

It is clearly known to us that there is a gate to enter in any factory or offices. In Bangladesh many people uses different types gate. There is many disturbances to enter by these gate also. Sometimes, we see that the security guard is not doing his work properly and when any car is coming, he is going out for 3 minutes to do other works. And in that cases many disorder is happen such as it could take the line of cars. Exactly for this type of problems many wise people are using this Electric Retractable Automatic Gate. The biggest advantage of this gate is while any car will come then just you have to press a switch. You can control this gate by remote also. On the other hand you can system it with RFID and then the gate will open automatically only for selected or allowed car by you. That means for the development of our life, to save time and to rescue boring disturbance there is no alternative of this Retractable Gate.

Technical Specification:

Collapsible Gate Operator:

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