Hormann Automatic shutter in Bangladesh [Made in Germany]


Hormann Automatic shutter in Bangladesh [Made in Germany] -US Standard Fire Shutter

UL certified shutters and rolling door systems manufactured in Britain to US standard

The space-saving RollMatic OD horizontal door is ideal for modernisation. The narrow design of the horizontal door allows fitting in the garage even in very tight spaces. The door's compact...


Industrial rolling shutters_Rolling shutters for garages-Hörmann_

Rolling Shutters & Rolling Grilles | Hörmann

Industrial rolling shutters_Rolling shutters for garages-Hörmann_ Hormann Decotherm | Hormann Decotherm Industrial Roller Shutter | Samson Doors UK

Quick opening and closing

· The speed of opening reaches 1.0m/s, which can improve the traffic efficiency, reduce internal as well as external heat exchange and save energy.


  • Rich opening methods Quick opening and closing Decotherm S steel thermal-insulated door curtains

    Rich opening methods

    · Manual and electric opening methods are available for multiple sizes and application scenarios, and even can be configured with multiple opening devices.
  • Decotherm S steel thermal-insulated door curtains

    · Double skinned, PU-foamed steel lathes and aluminium frame glazing panel for your choice.
    · PU door plate has strong structure, good thermal and sound insulation as well as security performance.
    · Aluminium frame glazing panel has smooth and flat surface and sturdy structure.
  • Intelligent electronic control system All-round safe protection devices Precise size and convenient installation

    Intelligent electronic control system

    · The accurate matching of doors, operators and control system ensures the smooth running of rolling shutters.
    · Uniform housing and cable sets simplify the fitting process.

    All-round safe protection devices

    · The photo-electric safety device on the bottom and opto-sensor inside seal strip
    · The SoftEdge runs in the opposite direction after encountering obstacles
    · The control system immediately switches to inching mode in case of any component failure

    Precise size and convenient installation

    · Door curtains, tracks, operators as well as control system are developed and manufactured by Hörmann with good matching.
    · The assembly has been completed in the factory with good structur

    Hörmann aluminium and steel rolling shutters and rolling grilles are especially economical. These doors prove themselves in daily use again and again. Rolling shutters and rolling grilles require very little headroom above the structural opening. They roll up compactly behind the lintel. No valuable hall space is lost at the sides or ceiling.

    Hörmann’s high degree of specialisation in rolling shutter and rolling grille construction goes far beyond normal standards. For our committed and experienced team, implementing special solutions is part of their daily routine.

    The rolling grille RollMatic with its compact design with a max. required headroom or fitting depth of 335 mm is the ideal solution for store grilles in confined spaces.

    Doors sometimes take up a large portion of commercial buildings. They thus offer substantial energy savings potential – for more information about the amortisation and retrofitting see the Hörmann energy savings compass


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