Automatic Cantilever Gates


Automatic Cantilever Gate is latest design, most modern technology. It is different from other gates. Its one side is fixed and need not any track to move. The gate is moved with the help of gear mechanism. We supply this gate to our valuable supplier with automatic or manual in Bangladesh.

Cantilever Gates - Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gate Systems

Cantilever Sliding Gates Melbourne | Gate Opening Systems

Cantilever Sliding Gates Melbourne | Gate Opening Systems
Our Automatic Cantilever Gates range of cantilever sliding gates are designed to provide robust and reliable security at bey vehicle entrances, They are manufactured from high strength steel, which provides a more robust product that aluminium and ensures a much longer service life. These gates are custom manufactured to the client’s individual requirements and are available in any size up to 6m clear width by 3.5m height.

Both manually operated and automatic versions are available. They have an attractive appearance, which may be enhanced with a choice of infill options ranging from vertical bar, palisade, weldmesh or timber. Automatic gates are powered by a three phase, inverter driven motor / gearbox, and safety systems which fully comply with all current and evolving safety legislation and best practice.


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