Automatic Curtain System

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Automatic Curtain System:

We have best quality Automatic electric motorized curtain system with remote for home and office, that is widely used in luxury hotel rooms, high-grade villas, luxury offices and another places of high-grade decoration etc. Now with a remote or wi-fi you can ON or OFF your all curtain.

All the curtain motor can control from Mobile App and with 1 phone we can control many curtain.


Autoamtic Curtain Remote Control-min
WIFI Control Automatic Roller Blind Curtain

Product Features:

Flexible, Super quiet design, with three silent patent technology for the motor’s internal structure. Light touch-start function When the power is on, lightly pull the curtain fabric in a small distance of 5cm, the curtain will be open and close automatically Power off with manual function: Mechanical structure of the clutch can achieve the manual function when power off, can be like a normal manual curtain when out of power. By pulling by hand to make it opening and closing Stop on blocked function: The curtain will stop automatically if meet resistance to protect the system. Various control mode: Widely controlling mode available like RF remote, Wi-Fi  Control, wired manual switch.

Kind Of Curtain Motor:

There are Three Kind of curtain motor such as,

1. RF Remote Control Automatic Curtain System.

2. Wifi Control Automatic Curtain Operator.

3. Wifi Control Automatic Roller Blind Curtain.

RF Remote Control Automatic Curtain System:

Wifi Control Automatic Curtain Robot:

Wifi Automatic Curtain System

Wifi Control Automatic Roller Blind Curtain:

WIFI Control Automatic Roller Blind Curtain (6)
Automatic Curtain System
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