Automatic Sliding Gate Opener 2000kg [Prime]



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Automatic Sliding Gate Opener 2000kg [Prime]
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Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Kit Rack Driven Motor for Heavy Duty Slide Gates Up to 4400LBS (2000kg) with Infrared Sensor,Driveway Security Gate Opener Hardware Kit

Automatic Sliding Gate Opener 2000kg [Prime]

Working principle and structure

1.This machine is consists of the motor, worm, gear, driven gear,etc.

2.The specific motor drives the worm, the worm transfers the motion to the worm gear and the driven gear,and the driven gear drives the rack.

3.The motor transfers its motion energy to the sprocket through the worm and gear, the driven gear, and the worm gear will both rotating when the clutch is engaged, so the door will to be open or close under electric control. When in power failure, get the clutch disengaged through the disengage key(turn 90° clockwise), this machine will to be effected manually to open or close the gate.




Durable Steel Gear Rack

This Automatic gate opener features a steel gear that is rust-resistant, strong, and efficient. The sliding gate opener is designed for heavy-duty, powerful enough to sliding gates up to a max 1800lb in weight and 4M in length.

Durable In Bad Weather

The machine is equipped with waterproof and dust-proof shell. It is designed for weather resistance, tough enough to withstand various weather conditions.

High Move Speed

Our powerful sliding gate opener designed with pure copper motor and steady base, it can ensure that the gate opener opens the gate smoothly at the speed of 12 m/min(39ft/min).


Package Includes

  • 1*Motor
  • 4*Racks (length:1m/rack)
  • 2*Remote Controls
  • 2*Infrared Sensor
  • 2*Manual Release Keys
  • 1*Mounting Hardware
  • 1*Installation Parts

Remote Battery required: 1 section 27A 12V alkaline battery(not included)


Voltage: 110V AC, 60Hz

Motor Power: 750W

Motor Speed: 1400r/min

Maximum load: 2000kg

Output Torque: 35N.m

Rack: Quality: 4Pcs; Length:about 1M; Tooth Width: 12mm.

Starting current: 3A

Running speed: 12m/min

Temperature: -25℃~55℃




Remote Control

Our automatic sliding gate opener is equipped with 2 wireless remotes to open, close, stop, or use the pedestrian mode on the gate. The remotes can work range up to over 100 ft, so you don’t have to wait at the gate every time coming home.

Quiet & Durable

Quiet & Durable —– Rail-driven compared to chain-driven is much quieter (under 56 dB) and low maintenance. You won’t worry about waking your family during early commutes.

Infrared Sensor

With two infrared sensors, the door will stop automatically when a person or obstacles passing through the door when the door is closing.


 Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

This motor powered sliding gate opener is the answer if you are looking for extra security and convenience for your home or business property. Featuring a powerful 750W motor designed for heavy duty use, it is capable of powering gates with a maximum weight of 2000kg! Using advanced technology, this gate opener is equipped with a anti-bump design and automatic limitation to accommodate your needs. To enhance safety and convenience, there is an manual opening design so you will still be able to close the door in case of power failure. The motor powered sliding gate opener is the essential item for a safe and convenient powered gate for your property.