Sliding Gate Safety Edge

Type: Inductive Pressure Sensor
Component: Mechanical Structure Type
For: Capacitive Pressure Transmitter
Output Signal Type: Digital Type
Production Process: Integration
Material: Plastic


  • Max Range 12m
  • Frequency – 868mHz
  • Power Consumption (reciever) – 150mA
  • Voltage – 12 or 24v AVC/DC



Sensitive safety edge active, pneumatic safety edge with mechanical operation.

The rubber sheath , resistant to the sun as well as to the cold and rain, guarantees the reduction of damage in the event of an impact. A pair of interlocked microswitches communicates the unexpected event.

This safety system responds to the need to comply with European regulations , quickly and easily.

The power supply is 12V 24V ac/dc, while the range is 15 metres. Degree of protection IP55.

Bordo Sensibile di Sicurezza - Costa Pneumatica Cancello - Stagnoli COMPAPR2000
ExpertSystem | Safety solution for gates & doors | BBC Bircher Smart Access
Wireless Safety Edge | Edgesmith – Edgesmith NZ

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A sensitive safety edge is a product that prevents crushing and is used particularly in the presence of a sliding gate. For a safety device such as sensitive edges, durability and reliability over time are essential characteristics.

Put simply, the safety edges are sensitive rubber edges which, when pressed, block and reverse the movement of the automatic gate leaves, thus avoiding crushing.

Photos of some examples of use of the sensitive safety edge for gates
esempi di utilizzo del bordo sensibile di sicurezza per cancelli

Sliding Gate Safety Edge

we offers a wide range of products for the automation and optimization of the operation of electric bars and gates. our Sliding Gate Safety Edge are , made with top quality materials and subjected to constant checks during each stage of their production.

Use in :

ASO Safety Edge Systems ASO Safety Edge Systems ASO Safety Edge Systems


May be an image of floor plan, blueprint and text



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