Crash Rated UK Standard Barrier – PAS 68


Vehicle Impact tested to the PAS 68 specification with 3.5t @ 30mph
Secures a maximum aperture up to 6m. Bespoke available.
Hostile Vehicle Mitigation. Secured by Design


PAS 68 – 3.5t @ 30mph

Looks can be deceiving…

The PAS68 Compact UK Barrier is a drop arm HVM Barrier that looks like a standard car park barrier and has been successfully vehicle impact tested stopping 3.5t at 30mph.

Hydraulically driven for reliability & strength, the Compact Terra Barrier successfully stopped a 3.5t N1 vehicle travelling at 30mph (48kph) which equates to 311kJ. On impact, the barrier stopped the vehicle within the aperture.

The HVM bridges the gap between the Heavy Duty HB Automatic Barrier & the original PAS 68 Automatic Terra Barrier.

The hydraulically operated automatic barrier comprises of an aluminum boom with the latest PST (Perimeter Security Technology). Lower Folding Skirt included as standard. Designed for easy installation and maintenance.

The PAS68 Compact UK Standard Barrier  can be interfaced to any access control systems.

  • Maximum boom length: 6000mm
  • PAS 68 Tested dimensions : boom length 4500mm
  • Rigid top skirt available on boom lengths up to 4500mm

The PAS68 Compact UK Standard Barrier is a PSSA Verified product. The Perimeter Security Suppliers Association has introduced a verification scheme to provide confidence to clients of the perimeter security industry and ensure that the associations members conform to internationally recognized quality standards. For more information please click here.

PAS68 Compact US Standard Barrier 3.5t @ 30mph Specifications


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