Under Vehicle Surveillance (UVSS System)

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Under vehicle surveillance system [ UVSS ]

Under vehicle surveillance system mainly adopt to inspect the beneath part of a variety of vehicles. It can quickly and accurately identify threats/ contraband/ smuggling of persons hiding at the bottom. UVSS greatly improved vehicle safety inspection speed and accuracy, reduce investment in human resources.

Under Vehicle Surveillance System [ UVSS ]

Under Vehicle Surveillance System

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uvss system

Under Vehicle Scanner Surveillance System (UVSS) in Bangladesh:

Vehicle inspection is critical to prevent illegal items from entering places with high security. UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System) uses machine vision technology to grab the full and high-resolution image of vehicle chassis. It works with industrial line scan camera.

 Under Vehicle Scanning System in bd

Under Vehicle System Quick Details:

Place of Origin: Germany

Brand Name: Varito

Model Number: AT3300

Resolution: 5000*2048 pixels

Camera: Sensor: line scan CCD

Power Supply: 24VDC, 3A

Dimension: 1200 x 350 mm

Storing Temperature: Range -25 degree to +70 degree

Scanning Technology: Line scanning

Viewing Angles: ≥170°

Vehicle Speed: 1-65 km/h

Warranty: 1 Year

Under Vehicle Surveillance Features:

Camera: Sensor: line scan CCD
Resolution: 5000*2048 pixels
Power Supply: 24VDC, 3A
Illumination:  LED, Power Supply: 24VDC,150W
Size: 1200mm x 350mm 1200mm x 350mm
Storing Temperature:  Range -25 degree to +70 degree

 Under Vehicle System Configuration:

Brand:  Varito (UFO6377H-SP1-953)
CPU:  Intel® Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU
P8600@ 2.4GHz or higher
Memory: 2G (optional 4G)
Graphics: Inter(R) Gen 5.0 Integrated Graphics Engine
Hard Disk: SATA2 Hard Disk 500G
Dual LAN (At least one Intel Gigabit)
USB2.0 (Up to 4 pieces)
Monitor: 22inch LCD, resolution up to 1920*1080
Scene Video Record:  4 channel, Compression algorithm of scene video: H264

Benefits of Under Vehicle Scanning System

Clear and Sharp Image
• High resolution with 2K per line, max image resolution up to 20MP.

• Low image distortion, high image grey level up to 11.

Full Integration

• Supports automatic number-plate recognition for various countries with ANPR camera.

• Supports barrier integration and centralized management system.

High Efficiency

• Supports max 80km/h vehicle speed.

• Less than 1s to synthesize a whole image.

High Reliability

• Wide working temperature -35°C ~ + 70°C.

• IP68 dustproof and waterproof.

 Under Vehicle Scanning System

Key Products:

Stationary UVSS Scan Module

Field of view: 180°

Compatibility: Chassis height: ≥60mm(0.19ft)

Chassis width: ≤4500mm(14.8ft)

Load-Bearing: 50t(110000lb)

Illumination: 480W dynamic LED array

Weight: 50kg(110lb)

Dimensions: 1200mmx322mmx290mm (47.2”x12.7”x11.4”)

 UVSS Scan Module

Field of view: 170°

Compatibility: Chassis height: ≥80mm(0.26ft)

Chassis width: ≤4500mm(14.8ft)

Load-Bearing: 10t(22000lb)

Illumination: 250W dynamic LED array

Weight: 15kg(33lb)

Dimensions: 490mmx398mmx88mm (19.3”x15.7”x3.5”)

In an increasingly security-conscious world, businesses, government agencies, and critical infrastructure facilities are constantly seeking innovative solutions to ensure safety. Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS) have emerged as a cutting-edge technology to enhance security measures. In this article, we’ll explore what UVSS systems are, how they work, their benefits, and their applications.

What is a UVSS System?

A UVSS system, or Under Vehicle Surveillance System, is a sophisticated security technology designed to scan and inspect the undercarriage of vehicles for concealed threats, such as explosives, contraband, or any suspicious objects. It combines various imaging technologies, including high-resolution cameras, laser technology, and advanced software to provide a comprehensive view of a vehicle’s undercarriage.

How Does a UVSS System Work?

UVSS systems typically consist of:

  1. High-resolution cameras: These cameras capture detailed images of the vehicle’s undercarriage.
  2. Laser illumination: Laser technology provides additional clarity by illuminating the undercarriage, even in low-light conditions.
  3. Advanced software: Specialized software processes and analyzes the images to detect irregularities and potential threats.
  4. User interface: Operators can view, analyze, and store the scanned images for further inspection.

When a vehicle passes over the UVSS system, it records images of the undercarriage and instantly highlights any suspicious items or modifications. Operators can review these images in real-time and take appropriate action if necessary.

Benefits of UVSS Systems

  1. Enhanced Security: UVSS systems provide an additional layer of security by detecting hidden threats that may not be visible through traditional security measures.
  2. Quick and Efficient: The scanning process is swift, ensuring minimal disruption to traffic flow and enabling large numbers of vehicles to be screened efficiently.
  3. Reduced Human Error: UVSS systems rely on technology, reducing the chances of human error in threat detection.
  4. Documentation: UVSS systems capture and store images for documentation and analysis, which can be valuable in investigations and evidence collection.

Applications of UVSS Systems

UVSS systems have a wide range of applications:

  1. Border Crossings: UVSS systems are commonly used at border crossings to inspect vehicles for contraband, illegal substances, and potential threats.
  2. Military Bases: Military installations use UVSS systems to enhance security and inspect vehicles entering their premises.
  3. Airports: UVSS systems are deployed at airports to ensure the safety and security of travelers by scanning vehicles around the terminal area.
  4. Government Facilities: Government buildings, embassies, and sensitive installations use UVSS systems for enhanced security.
  5. Commercial and Industrial Facilities: Many businesses and industrial sites utilize UVSS systems to safeguard their premises.

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